Alexandra was born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and moved to Madrid (Spain) when she was 8 years old.

In Spain she continued with her studies in dance and acting at Corazza Studio for actors and took Workshops with international coaches as Bernard Hiller and international casting directors.

As an actress she has worked at theater, television and movies performing in Russian, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Some of her most notable works are the feature film 70 Bin Ones by Koldo Serra, the Netflix series In From the Cold or Sicilia Sense Morts a coproduction of Filmin and IB3 (Balear Television)

Currently we can see her on Netflix TV series In from the Cold, and the series Sicilia sense morts on IB3 and Filmin playing Ludmila, and on stage playing Desdemona in Las Culpables directed by Carlos Be.